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The Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers' Association, Inc. is a non-profit membership organization serving people involved in the production, processing and marketing of pure maple syrup produced in Minnesota.

We are committed to the promotion of high quality maple syrup through education and information exchange. We welcome hobbyists and commercial/licensed producers alike.

Producing maple syrupPure maple syrup is one of nature’s sweetest gifts. Boiling down the sap of the maple tree makes pure maple syrup. Pure maple syrup is produced in the northern United States and Canada during the early spring months. Minnesota is one of the seventeen states and three provinces that produce pure maple syrup.

Pure maple syrup is a “natural” food that contains nothing artificial, no additives, no colorings, or preservatives. The main sugar in pure maple syrup is sucrose. Small amounts of fructose and glucose are found in the darker grades of syrup.


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See Photo Gallery (North American Convention album) for pictures from the NAMSC/IMSI 2015 Annual Convention, Seven Springs, PA, Oct 2015

We have added an INDUSTRY NEWS page (see the new tab on the menu bar). This page will have links to important articles impacting the maple syrup industry. The following topics are currently covered on the Industry News page.

News and Events

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» MMSPA Spring Meeting
May 21, 2016 - Chaska, MN

» 2016 NAMSC Int'l Mtg
Oct 26-29 - Burlington, VT

» 2019 NAMSC Int'l Mtg
Oct 21-24, 2019 - hosted by MMSPA in Duluth, MN

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